Display Cases: Crafts by the Rockville Centre Homemakers
RVC Homemakers is a multi-age group of talented and dedicated women who gather at the RVC REC every Tuesday at 10 a.m. to share their knowledge of cooking, sewing, knitting and crafts; these skills are then used to make items that are donated to local charities.

Lower Concourse Gallery: Many Shades of Autumn: Artwork by Kim Loizou-Gallagher
Kim Loizou-Gallagher is a self-taught artist who strives to capture the natural world in her paintings.

The Helen Crouse Room and Small Community Room: Heal Thyself: Art as Therapy
Heal Thyself: Art as Therapy includes paintings, photographs and mixed media from multiple artists dealing with subjects such as cancer, chronic pain and lost loved ones. The powerful and emotional exhibit will interest all those who have dealt with these challenges as well as those interested in local artists and their compelling and impactful artwork.
Participating Artists: Beth Atkinson, Mary Brodersen, Kathy Burns, Diana Corvelle, Darlene Cunnup, Arlene Fiorello, Teresa Guttadauria, Helene Hines, Sandy-Jo Hyman, Antoinette Kramer, Barbara Lewin, Clare Marco, Claire Reilly, and Keith Warhola

Upper Concourse Gallery: Breaking Ground
Breaking Ground at 221 N. Village Avenue is a photographic essay that traces the Rockville Centre Public Library’s current home from its conception to its grand opening in 1962. (Runs through May 2015).