Heal Thyself: Art as Therapy
Alene Scoblete, Art Curator at Rockville Centre Public Library, is putting together an art exhibit for November 2014 called Heal Thyself: Art as Therapy. If you are an artist or photographer who has used art to heal from a disease, disorder, addiction, trauma, loss or life-changing event and you are interested in participating, contact Alene at RVCPL by October 1, 2014. Call 516-766-6257 ext. 5 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Lower Concourse Gallery: Photography by LisaMarie Castranuovo, Elizabeth Milward,  & Ellery Samuels
LisaMarie Castranuovo is a freelance photographer from New York whose passion for the art form began in high school. She uses photography as a means to see the world around her and highlights the mystery and beauty of life by photographing that which is often overlooked.
Elizabeth Milward combines her fondness for nature and the outdoors with her love of photography, transporting viewers to the moment the image was captured. Her photos have been displayed at numerous venues on Long Island.
Photographer Ellery Samuels is a former teacher who has been shooting pictures since he received his first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, when he was only five years old. A special education teacher in NYC for 37years, Ellery has also taught photography to students in the NYC school system. Ellery also lives in Herzliyya, Israel where he shoots around the country. Ellery’s images can be seen at: http://mrsammy7.500px.com

Display Cases: Pottery by Sheila Blunt
Shelia Blunt is a painter and potter from Queens, NY whose ceramic work is characterized by sculpture, carving or other surface decoration. Originally from Pennsylvania, Ms. Blunt received her Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Penn State University, and her Masters Degree in Art Education from Pratt Institute. A secondary school art teacher for more than 38 years, she has taught and worked in multiple media, predominately acrylic painting and watercolors. Her painting is done at her home studio in Queens, New York and her pottery is created at the Potters Wheel in Kew Gardens.

Upper Concourse Gallery: Breaking Ground at 221 N. Village Avenue
This photographic essay traces the Rockville Centre Public Library’s current home from its conception to its grand opening in 1962. (Runs through May 2015).

Helen Kraus Room and Small Community Room: EASEL Town of Hempstead Art Show
EASEL (Experienced Art Students Enrichment League) is organized through the Town of Hempstead and is geared to seniors who want to rekindle their passion for the arts. EASEL holds meetings every Tuesday at 1:00 PM at the Oceanside Senior Center, 2900 Rockaway Avenue, Oceanside. They include art demonstrations, field trips, workshops, discussions, and, most importantly, an opportunity for members to meet and work with fellow artists.