Meeting Room Policy
1. Permission for use of the Library Meeting Rooms as a limited public forum may be granted to Rockville Centre based groups and organizations whose purposes and programs are educational, cultural and/or civic and whose membership and attendees shall be composed of a majority of Rockville Centre residents.
2. The Library Meeting Rooms may be used during library hours subject to availability. In general, they shall not be utilized more than once each month by any organization or group.  The Director is authorized to approve any exceptions. The Board may refuse or rescind permission for use of Meeting Rooms.
3. The Library Meeting Rooms shall not be utilized by any organization or group which charges admission, solicits business, or otherwise obtains compensation or contributions of any nature, unless such organization or group is a purely educational or cultural not-for-profit organization and has received prior approval of the Board.
4. Meeting Rooms shall be available on a first come, first served basis. The Library may cancel or reschedule meetings which conflict with Library's scheduling of Library related or sponsored programs or meetings.
5. In consideration of the use of Meeting Room facilities, each organization or group must agree  that it will pay for all damage to any property of the Library resulting directly or indirectly from the conduct of any member, officer, employee or agent of the organization or group, or by any person in attendance; that it will save harmless and indemnify the Rockville Centre Public Library and the Rockville Centre Union Free School District from any and all liability which may be imposed upon them for any injury to persons or property caused by the organization or any other person in connection with the program.
6. The Rockville Centre Public Library shall assume no responsibility whatever for any property placed in the Library in connection with a program, and the Rockville Centre Public Library and the Rockville Centre Union Free School District shall be expressly released and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property which may be sustained during or by reason of any program held on the Library's premises.
7. Authorization for use of the Library Meeting Rooms shall be in accordance with Regulations promulgated by the Library for use of the Library's facilities.  Permission to use a Meeting Room shall not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Trustees or staff of the policies, beliefs, or activities of the organization receiving such permission.
8. The Library Director shall have authority to grant, refuse, or revoke permission for use of the Meeting Room. Continued use of facilities by any group or organization is contingent upon observance of rules and regulations for use. Permission for future use may be withdrawn for infractions of the Rules and Regulations, or by reason of loud, boisterous behavior, or other action or conduct which interferes with library operations and the quiet use and enjoyment of library facilities by staff and library patrons.
9. Applications for use shall be obtained at the Library. Complete user information shall be furnished on the application form.  Completed applications shall be submitted in duplicate to the Library Administrative Office.
10. The approved application issued to the applying group shall be exhibited to an authorized representative of the Library at the time of use.
11. All meetings shall be open to the general public.  The Library Meeting Rooms will not be used for meetings that are prohibited by Section 414 of the Education Law, or those that are commercial in purpose or support, or to further an individual's goals, or for purely social functions.
12. The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for its own publicity.  Use of the Meeting Rooms by any group or organization does not mean co-sponsorship by the Library. The sponsoring organization shall not use the Library's name as co-sponsor in any press releases or any other publicity. A draft copy of press releases pertaining to scheduled use of the Library Meeting Room must be sent to the Director of the Library prior to publication.
Adopted 11/19/92 
Revised 4/24/97  
Revised 11/06